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The Rebuilding Management Solution - How It Works

Rebuilding Management is a robust construction-management system that coordinates the efforts of multiple users —long-term recovery organizations, homeowners, contractors, suppliers and government officials. With Rebuilding Management, users store, share, and manage project information. 

Internet-based system
Rebuilding Management is an Internet-based system, so no software is downloaded to your computer. There’s no need to continually upgrade; no fear of losing data; and no disk-space requirements . You can access the system wherever there’s Internet connectivity, and it’s available 24 hours a day (with the exception of a quick, early-morning backup period).

Data Storage
Rebuilding Management provides unlimited data storage. Consequently, your organization can oversee unlimited restoration projects. Rebuilding Management’s master server is maintained in a climate-controlled environment and is supplied with an auxiliary power source in the event of a power failure. A backup server is maintained at a second location and provides service if the master server itself fails. As a precaution against data loss, the Rebuilding Management system is backed up daily from 3:00-3:12 a.m. Central time.

Rebuilding Management’s security controls protect your project data from interlopers by restricting access. 

  • External controls
    Rebuilding Management can only be accessed using a secure log-in. Log-ins are established by the entities using the system, such as long-term recovery organizations and vendors, and each person using the system has his own secure log-in.
  • Internal controls
    The entities  using Rebuilding Management have the ability to designate which people in their organizations have access to the system and what information is available to those people.

For example, in a long-term recovery organization, individual team members have access only to those projects that have been assigned to them. No other projects are accessible. In addition to restrictions by project, information is also restricted by type (e.g., neither the surveyor nor the homeowner construction representative has access to financial data since none of their job duties require that type of information).

With Rebuilding Management’s Internet-based system, your project data is both secure and easily accessible … all at the same time.


For displaced homeowners who are eager to return home. Make it happen.


For organizations that roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Working smart.
For business partners who the supplies and manpower. Creating solutions.

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