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Benefits of Rebuilding Management
Benefits of Rebuilding Management

Rebuilding Management automates and industrializes the construction process, providing a quick, efficient way to rebuild communities.  Benefits of the system include:

  •  Efficiency – Rebuilding Management’s automated system eliminates repetitive tasks; ensures no steps are missed; keeps projects on schedule; and increases the number of projects a long-term recovery organization can manage.
  • Communication – The automated system ensures everyone involved—homeowners, contractors, supply vendors, and title company—receives timely communications.  The Internet-based system keeps homeowners in the loop (even displaced homeowners living outside the community) by giving them access to all status reports and budget details pertaining to their restoration project.
  • Connections – Rebuilding Management brings together homeowners who need their homes restored and vendors who have the supplies and manpower to do the job.  And, since only qualified vendors are accepted into Rebuilding Management’s network, long-term recovery organizations and homeowners can be assured that the work and materials will be of the highest quality.
  • Buying power – Since long-term recovery organizations manage construction projects for numerous homeowners, the LTROs become collective-buying units.  They have the ability to get supplies at wholesale prices or below, and then pass those savings on to homeowners.
  • Financial safeguards – Horror stories abound about victims of natural disasters being ripped off by unscrupulous contractors, as well as stories about hardworking contractors getting stiffed by unconscionable homeowners.  The situation is unfortunate.  That’s why Rebuilding Management establishes financial safeguards to protect both the homeowner and the vendor from financial loss.   Construction funds from homeowners are placed in an escrow account and are only paid out when tasks are completed.  This escrow arrangement eliminates the requirement for homeowners to expend money upfront, and it guarantees that vendors will be paid upon job completion.  Everyone’s protected.


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