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The Rebuilding Management Solution What It Is

Overseeing construction projects just got easier. No more piles of paperwork, no more scheduling nightmares, no more hours on the phone following up with vendors. Rebuilding Management simplifies the process with automation.

Rebuilding Management’s unique construction-management system offers multiple time-saving features.  Components of the system include:

  • Property-damage assessment
    Guides the surveyor  through the property-damage assessment using detailed instructions and checklists, ensuring all aspects of the assessment are covered. Survey summary includes uploaded photos and floor plans.
  • Cost estimating
    Automatically generates cost estimates and project proposals, eliminating the need to do this manually.  Packages include a complete list of materials, a detailed proposal, a preliminary work schedule, a fee schedule, and an estimated cost.
  • Material and contractor bidding
    Automatically creates detailed requests for quotes, and sends those requests to qualified vendors.  Compiles vendor submissions for homeowner review.
  • Purchase and work orders
    Electronically submits purchase orders and work orders to designated vendors, eliminating piles of paperwork. Maintains orders in database for easy retrieval.
  • Scheduling and labor management
    Provides structured, easy-to-manage schedules that cover every stage of the construction process.  Schedule changes automatically cascade down through the schedule, adjusting all subsequent tasks.
  • Construction management
    Guides the homeowner construction representative  through the work-verification process using detailed checklists, ensuring all tasks have been performed satisfactorily. Generates status reports with photos.
  • Financial safeguards
    Escrow arrangement provides financial security. Title company acts in behalf of the homeowner to guarantee vendor performance. Title company acts in behalf of vendors to guarantee payment.
  • Communications
    Automatic notifications keep homeowners, contractors, and material suppliers up to date, eliminating the need to call everyone individually.
  • Documentation
    Maintains an archive of completed projects, providing data on demand for audit reports and performance evaluations.

Rebuilding Management is designed to be environmentally friendly. Every piece of documentation and every piece of communication is electronic, eliminating the need for reams of paper. Your data is easily retrieved and displayed on screen for review and management.

In addition to the construction-management system, Rebuilding Management offers a pool of top-performing, local trade contractors and high-quality material suppliers for you and your homeowners to choose from.  Homeowners can even select building materials (such as flooring, paint, and lighting fixtures) without ever leaving home. Rebuilding Management’s online catalogs make the selection process easy.

Rebuilding Management provides the tools your organization needs to successfully manage multiple constructions projects. You’ll be able to double the capacity of your project manager, significantly shorten your construction cycle, implement a production-control mechanism, and lower costs. Rebuilding Management is the solution to swiftly rebuilding your community.


For displaced homeowners who are eager to return home. Make it happen.


For organizations that roll up their sleeves and get the job done. Working smart.
For business partners who the supplies and manpower. Creating solutions.

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