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Fast Track to Home Restoration

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Benefits of Rebuilding Management
Fast Track to Home Restoration

The Fast Track to Recovery
If you’re ready for a faster, more efficient way to rebuild your home or community, Rebuilding Management, with its automated system, speeds up the process at every step.

  1. Homeowner sign-up
    The Rebuilding Management system notifies the rebuilding advisor that homeowners have signed up for assistance. The rebuilding advisor contacts the homeowners to answer any questions they might have and to encourage them to provide access to their property for a damage assessment. Sign-up now!

  2. Site survey (damage assessment)
    The project surveyor, following a set of detailed instructions, assesses the damage of the homeowner’s property. The final survey summary, generated by Rebuilding Management, includes pictures, site plans, and floor plans.

  3. Estimate and proposal
    Using the uploaded survey summary, Rebuilding Management automatically creates a proposal and cost estimate. The package includes a complete list of materials; a detailed proposal; a preliminary work schedule; a fee schedule; and an estimated total cost.

  4. Material selection
    Once homeowners agree, in principle, to the terms of the proposal, they move to the online selection process where they make final choices for flooring, paint, light fixtures, doors, hardware, and other options. Upon the homeowners’ completion of the selection process, Rebuilding Management automatically creates a final construction schedule.

  5. Vendor selection
    Rebuilding Management’s vendor pool consists only of top-performing local trade contractors who are licensed and insured. If you prefer working with specific vendors or volunteer groups that are not listed, they can easily be added to our vendor pool by providing proof of license and insurance (when applicable).

    Our system automatically creates detailed requests for quotes, and sends those requests to qualified vendors. The system also compiles vendor submissions, and presents the information to homeowners for selection.

  6. Price verification
    Equipped with the initial survey summary, the detailed estimate, and the request-for-quote details, the homeowner construction representative confirms that the project is still within budget.

  7. Permits
    The homeowner construction representative secures the necessary permits.

  8. Construction and payment
    Before construction can begin, funds from the homeowner must be placed in an escrow account to cover the cost of upcoming tasks. The amount deposited need only cover the tasks at hand, not the whole construction project. As tasks are completed, the homeowner construction representative verifies completion, and the system automatically authorizes the title company to pay the vendors. 

    In the event that the homeowner construction representative finds defective work or products, a defect notification is automatically sent to the vendor and payment is withheld until the issue is resolved.

    This process of “deposit – completion – payment” is ongoing until construction is complete.

  9. Completion and archiving
    Near the end of construction, homeowners perform a final walkthrough. The project is considered compete once punch-list items are resolved, the final inspections have been performed, and the homeowner’s acceptance is secured. Upon completion, Rebuilding Management archives all the project information, giving your organization access to historical data on demand.


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