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How to Connect with Buyers NOW

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Benefits of Rebuilding Management
How to Connect with Buyers NOW

The building industry may be in a slump throughout most of the nation, but in areas that have been devastated by natural disaster, that’s not the case. Victims of hurricanes, floods, tornados, and earthquakes need help rebuilding their homes and their lives. Rebuilding Management puts you in touch with homeowners who are ready to return home yesterday.

The benefits of registering with Rebuilding Management are numerous:

  • FREE
    There is absolutely no cost to register with Rebuilding Management and become part of the “rebuilding solution.”

  • Connection with buyers
    Rebuilding Management is the conduit that connects your business to homeowners and long-term recovery organizations that are rebuilding communities. Victims of natural disasters are eager to rebuild their homes and return to their community. But they need your help.  With Rebuilding Management, you’re connected to actual buyers … not shoppers. Rebuilding Management brings the buyers to you.

  • Efficiency
    Rebuilding Management is an Internet-based system that automates and industrializes the construction process—and makes your job a whole lot easier. 

    • Multiple builders
      With Rebuilding Management, you can view the schedules of multiple builders at a glance.  Sort and filter data by task, community, builder, job site, or date range. Rebuilding Management keeps you up to date without keeping you at your desk for hours on end.

    • Advance notification
      Rebuilding Management’s scheduling component generates a construction schedule for an entire project before work even begins, allowing you to forecast your material needs weeks and even months in advance. Advance notification virtually eliminates rush orders and back orders.

    • Schedule changes
      Rebuilding Management notifies you instantly if changes are made to a construction schedule, eliminating false starts and wasted trips to the job site. Changes cascade down through the schedule, adjusting all subsequent tasks automatically. Automation ensures that no tasks are missed and that all material suppliers are notified.

  • Communication
    With Rebuilding Management, you can assign an unlimited number of users to the system, allowing your whole workforce to stay current with projects. Rebuilding Management’s online system keeps you up to date on schedules and schedule changes, notifies you of new RFQs, and provides you with detailed purchase orders. Rebuilding Management’s automated communication component ensures that you are always in the loop.

  • Financial safeguards
    Rebuilding Management provides safeguards to protect suppliers from financial loss. Construction funds are placed in an escrow account and are paid out upon verification of delivery and product quality. This escrow arrangement guarantees that you receive payment within a few short days of delivery.

  • Detailed RFQ
    The Rebuilding Management system generates clear and detailed requests for quotes. These detailed RFQs create a level playing field for all involved, and guarantees that all material suppliers bid on exactly the same product specifications. 

When you register with Rebuilding Management, your company information is added to our vendor directory and put in front of thousands of qualified buyers.  Rebuilding Management even helps you target your market by placing your listing in one of over 40 categories. 

So, register to find out just how easy it is to connect with buyers NOW.  Be a part of the Rebuilding Management solution.  What have you got to lose?  Registration and the directory listing are FREE. 


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