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WANTED: Subcontractors and Suppliers Who Want to Work

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Benefits of Rebuilding Management
WANTED: Subcontractors and Suppliers Who Want to Work
The building industry may be in a slump throughout most of the nation, but in areas that have been devastated by natural disasters, that’s not the case.  Victims of hurricanes, floods, tornados, and earthquakes need your services NOW.  These homeowners are eager to rebuild their homes and return to their communities.  To do so, they need your products and services.JobsiteOnTime.com joins forces with Rebuilding Management to connect you with homeowners in disaster areas.  Rebuilding Management is the construction-management system that coordinates the rebuilding efforts of long-term recovery organizations.  JobsiteOnTime.com is the exclusive vendor resource for Rebuilding Management.  Through JobsiteOnTime.com’s partnership with Rebuilding Management, you are connected with actual buyers … not shoppers.

 Getting in the Rebuilding Management Directory

Are you interested in working in New Orleans, Galveston, Cedar Rapids, and other disaster areas?  Then add those services areas to your company profile.  In doing so, your business is automatically added to the Rebuilding Management vendor list—putting your name in front of hundreds of thousands of displaced homeowners.

 The Incomparable Rebuilding Management RFQ

The Rebuilding Management system generates clear and detailed requests for quotes.  These detailed RFQs create a level playing field for all involved and guarantee that all vendors bid on exactly the same product specifications and services.  This ensures that nothing gets overlooked that could result in an incomplete—and lower—bid.  These comprehensive RFQs surpass all others in the construction industry.

 Auto-Bidder Simplifies the Bidding Process

JobsiteOnTime.com’s Auto-Bidder makes responding to Rebuilding Management’s RFQs easy.  No need to invest numerous hours calculating time and materials for every RFQ.  When you register with JobsiteOnTime.com, you complete a detailed pricing sheet … ONCE.  From that point on, Auto-Bidder responds to RFQs for you—freeing up your time to focus on your business.  With Auto-Bidder, you have the ability to change your pricing at any time and also provide separate pricing for different service areas.  JobsiteOnTime’s Auto-Bidder saves you valuable time and energy.

The Rebuilding Management Connection

Long-term recovery organizations need your goods and services to rebuild their communities.  Through Rebuilding Management, these organizations have the ability to generate hundreds of RFQs a week.  To get in on the action, register with JobsiteOnTime.com TODAY. 



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